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Conceptualised by academic thought leader Shri Rahul V. Karad in collaboration with several American and Indian academic thought leaders, CITE has emerged as an outcome of several rounds of discussions and brainstorming with stakeholders in Indian Higher Education.

This took the shape of the first formal dialogue in June 2022 when more than 25 American and 30 Indian academic leaders met in Washington DC at Workshop for Strategizing and Transforming Higher Education in India.

About CITE

CITE is a higher education representative and member driven body that works and advocates for the promotion of interests of entrepreneurial initiatives at the tertiary, higher education, and universities levels in various national and international forums. CITE has been conceptualised by Indo-American academic thought leaders to serve as the voice of the holistic higher education sector and aims to promote the development and recognition of quality in higher education in the country.

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Higher Education Foundation, USA

Envisioned by Shri Rahul Karad, over three and a half years ago, the Higher Education Foundation will be an association of Indian universities, All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE), University Grants Commission (UGC) and National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), and USA’s NSF, with eminent education leaders and academicians from India and the Indian Diaspora in the USA.

The Higher Education Foundation will facilitate collaborations with foreign universities, educationists, and regulators abroad to gain insights about improving our educational environment. The aim is to enhance and impart knowledge through the process of deliberations, invited talks, research, and thought leadership.

Higher Education Ecosystem
in India

The higher education landscape of India is dotted with over 1,000 universities, more than 40,000 colleges, and nearly 12,000 stand-alone higher education institutions (HEIs). India’s higher education system has seen tremendous expansion due to reform efforts, with the National Education Policy 2020 aiming to overcome challenges such as inadequate funding, inefficient structure, and massive bureaucracy.

The sector also faces the challenge of bridging the gap between graduates and jobs, which many employers find concerning. India’s higher education sector is poised to continue growing, though it still has a long way to go before it can compete or rival the best institutions in the world. With the increase in multidisciplinary institutions, the sector has the opportunity to benefit from new technologies and new age industries, as well as the impact of new education policies.

Indian Universities Landscape

Union Territories
Private & Deemed Universities